I Can’t Do It

Not with that attitude!  Still, the thought keeps running through my head.  I can’t do it.  After 180,000 words, one and a half-half finished novels, and 40 rejection letters, the doubtmeister digs its steel claws in.


And what am I doing while fostering these useless thoughts?  Nothing.

And what should I be doing while fostering these useless thoughts?  Something.

There is no doubt the doubt will remain.  The feeling I can’t do it will persist, intensify, until I do it…or give up.

I’m obviously not giving up.  I’m not that smart.  Like I’ve said before; I’ve cornered the market on stupid.

So what keeps you going, Dumbass?

Delusion.  Wondrous delusion.  The resolute belief that what I can’t do is temporary and what I will do is permanent.  Also, the fantastic realization that what I have done is absolutely bad ass!

So, I can’t do it.  You know why?  Because I’ve already done it.

Now shut up and don’t bother me.  I’m writing a book!


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