Here’s Where Kirk Goes Berserk

Aaaaaarrrrgggghhhh! (hold for 13 seconds)  That’s it.  Let it all out.  Feel better?  Good.

Now, get to work!  What’s on your ‘to do’ list?  Let’s see.

  • Launch freelance writing career.
  • Get 130K piece of bad ass sci-fi/fantasy mega-crap published.
  • Finish writing much more inspired avant-garde sci fi/horror uber-load.
  • Read ever growing queue of books mocking me from my bedside table.
  • Expand social media empire around Bad Ass Sci Fi.
  • Keep fostering incredibly lucrative substitute teaching career.
  • Try not to run out of money in the meantime.
  • Repeat opening emotional outburst.

This is where mental rigor mortis sets in.  I can’t do it all at once.  So what do I do?  Nothing.  Well, here’s where the something begins.  This is something, right?

This isn’t an advice column, but here’s some advice.  I don’t claim to be one of those high IQ, geniousy guys, but I learn from my mistakes (doesn’t necessarily mean I alter my behavior accordingly).  Knowledge without action is like a vape without a coil.  You can suck all you want, but you won’t get the desired effect.  Shut up, stupid.  Don’t talk to your readers like that.  I wasn’t, I was talking to you.

Hey!  Oh yeah, the anticipation of doing a thing is almost always worse than the actual doing of a thing.  Almost…always.  What?  Tell you something you don’t already know?  I can’t.  I’m not an expert in you.  I’m not even an expert in me.  What I will tell you is writing this post feels a hell of a lot better than stressing about needing to write a post.  Writing my book feels better than lamenting its stagnation.  Researching freelance writing careers, no matter how overwhelming and daunting, kicks researching the dark crevices of my mind right in the ass.

Is this a good post?  I care not, but it is.  Are my novels really any good?  They’re solid friggin gold bars of Bad Ass.  Go to to learn more.

What about you?  You’re beautiful.  You’re a powder keg of potential!  Now go!  Explode!  Shower the world with bloody chunks of goodness!

Now blow, I’m going berserk on a book!


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