Why Not Today?

“Why?”, I ask you.  “Why?”  No reason.  Not any good reason anyway.

Fear?  Screw fear.  Screw fear right in the rear!  I (and probably you) should be at a point in life where this ‘fear’ is nothing but a metacognitive misanthrope that exists only to hold you back, tear you down, and keep you from becoming what you were always meant to be!  See what I did there?  I wasn’t afraid to use alliterations, cliches, and fulfill my hankerin’ for a hunk o’ cheese.

Sloth?  Okay, you got me there.  Still, here I am, writing a blog post during a break from my illustrious substitute teaching gig.  So why don’t I do this every day?  Because I suck.  No…  Yes, I do.  I suck because I haven’t put enough effort forth to let the world know how friggin awesome I am!  I bet you suck too.  See?  We’re the same, you and me.  We’re the same, can’t you see?  (Falling Down)

All that ‘other stuff’ I have to do?  Shut up.  Just…shut your dirty oral sphincter.  We make time for what’s important in our lives.  We sprinkle it between what’s easy.  And we make a big fat bundt cake of pseudo-obligations that fills every crevice of our lives until there’s no room for anything else.  Knock it off!  Don’t lie.  Don’t pretend you’re something you’re not.  Grab your desires by the scrotum and sssqqquueeezzzzeee!

So, what do you have to lose?  Your life?  Maybe that’s a good thing.  Start a new one; the one you were always meant for.

Again, it’s overwhelming.  Don’t get locked up.  Chisel through it.  Be the chosen one, not the frozen one.  Yeah, I said it.  I own it.

Now please, please go!  I’m squeezing out a book!


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