Rated M for Manure

I know most of the stuff I write is crap, heaps and mounds of fertile feces.  But you know what?  Therein lie the seeds.  Just because I tell a joke and nobody laughs doesn’t mean I’m going to stop trying to inject joyous frivolity into people’s lives.  Just because I’m about the worst grammarian in the world doesn’t mean I’m going to forego all punctuation, in the future (hehe).  And especially because I know I’m not yet the writer I could be doesn’t mean I’m going to stop writing.  No, never.  You can’t make me.

So here I am, dishing out the manure.  But know this; there are seeds in here.  Sparks hide and smolder.  They will someday grow into mighty mongosas (see Halteres).  We will someday be surrounded by the vast Urwald (Halteres!) and lose ourselves in the realm of Bad Ass Sci Fi.

Bare with me, for the land is yet bare, until I till.  The Sparks need to be nurtured and cultivated amidst the rancid manure.  We all know the greatest rewards await those who suffer through the most.  We ALL know we have to go through things we don’t desire to get the things we do, but that is for another post.

Now hoe on, I’m sprouting a book!


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