Malignant Thoughts- Vol. 1

Don’t be alarmed.  Don’t feel like you have to follow any of this, but if you do, you’re a friggin’ rock star!  I’m just jotting down random the thoughts invading my helpless mind with surprising frequency lately.  It feels good.  A little overwhelming, but better than a mindless rut that is often experienced in times of low aural energy.

  • We jot perception in ones and zeros on an electronic canvas.  The I provides the squiggly little correction line under our experiences, telling us our options for what is really to be perceived.
  • Don’t waffle on consistency.  You are its only true source.
  • The dissected soul for all to observe.  Fear not the mortician.
  • Are you following me?

I started this post on January 25th, 5 days ago.  This is where I left off.  It’s now January 29th, and most of what I’m going to add is from what I didn’t get to back then.  Since, not much new has metastasized in my mind.  It was one of those times of low aural energy, but I don’t fret.  Creativity seems to come in waves for me, like my moods.  They’re synchronous.

Don’t say it.  Oh, I mean…Shut up.  I know there are ways to ignite Sparks even in creative ruts.  Read, surround yourself with beauty and inspiration, exercise, be around people with common interests.  Those are all good suggestions.  Thank you.  But the inspiration that holds the most weight with me is that which is derived from deep inside.  It erupts without warning and smothers you like a confused burglar.  This criminal is here to give, not take.  It slams your mind to the ground and force feeds you ideas.  You can either choke on them or swallow them whole and assimilate them.  I know I’m mixing metaphors, but that’s what happens when ingenuity blossoms like a firework (there’s another one).

Anyway, I hope you’re still shutting up.  Here’s the rest of the malignant thoughts I previously had, and maybe a new one or two if I can excavate their remnants.

  • Aliens that have traveled across hundreds of millions of light years at the speed of thought arrive on Earth, ironically, 0.05 seconds in the future due to the gravitational slip stream and reverse relativity.  It doesn’t make that much difference; almost imperceptible.  It affects their ability to fluidly interact with humans and other sapient beings.  They seem a little off and that’s why, and they can’t be photographed.
  • If you have any idea you’re going to have a good time, one that seems like it may be special, hold on to it.  Focus in.  Lend all your energy to the moment, to the people around you.  You can decide how you remember your life.  You can decide how you’re remembered.  Don’t be selfish with your intent.  Share the moments so you can share the memories (ooh, I like that).
  • When you’re stuck, when you can’t figure shit out, life gives you clues.  It’s up to you to put it together and solve what you can of the grand scheme we call life.  Some shit you will never figure out.  It’s up to you to decide, because life is not about just taking a path, but gathering clues along whatever path you take, acquiring knowledge, building understanding, and deciphering clues.  Like a million people have probably already said, most of us aren’t stupid, but all of us are ignorant.  There’s no cure for stupid, and we all know the remedy for ignorant, but we’re too lazy to do anything about it.
    • Case in point: I was squeezing all thought out of my brain to try and remember this stupid, one word quote from a forgettable movie from the 80s or 90s.  According to my recollection, this dimwitted detective is searching the protagonist’s apartment and walks by a bookshelf.  He looks at it with disgust and says, “Books.”  To me, that was hilarious and made enough of an impression to stick in my memory some 25 odd years later.  But for the life of me, I couldn’t remember the title of the movie.  I wanted to download a gif and attach it to my blog.  I spent hours (yes, hours) trying to find this obscure, one word quote.  I did remember one other thing, the actress in the movie.  Not by name, but I could picture her face; a thick eyebrowed, full cheeked brunette with a decidedly late 80s hairstyle.  Then I saw her.  She was starring in the movie Arena, a 1989 mid budget sci-fi cheese-fest.  Claudia Cristian.  I looked at her filmography on IMDb and saw the movie which wasted so much of my time; Hexed.  Yes, Hexed (1993).  Under quotes, there was this:
      • Simon Littlefield: [Simon looks scornfully at Matthew’s bookshelf and hisses] books!
    • I had finally solved the riddle only my mind thought important.  The day was saved.  Unfortunately, no gif exists of this quote.  What’s the point?  Shit like that happens all the time if you have an open mind, determination, and a little free time.  Life tends to figure itself out.  You can either join the investigation, or be filed away in the archives.
  • You thought I was done?  Maybe in your universe.  By the way, there are as many universes as there are sapient beings aware of their surroundings to the extent of hindsight, foresight, and presence.  Agreed, they are largely shared, but no one universe is perceive exactly like any other.  Consideration of this fact (fact) is paramount to a harmonious life.
  • Lost ideas are also like skeet.  You must launch them, blow the shit out of them, and let them biodegrade so they can recycle into new thoughts.

Okay, I think I’ve wasted enough of your time.  I’ll leave you with this little gem (not original) to help you tackle diurnity.



Now get out, I’m really, really trying to write a book!

6 thoughts on “Malignant Thoughts- Vol. 1

  1. I am glad to know just by visiting your blog I am a Rock Star! Of course Ghrol is not a fan of the term but us lowly inhabitants can enjoy a Rock Star status once in a moment…. Anyhow finally got the hook up to your blog and am reading backwards and current, just all over.


  2. also… I keep forgetting to ask about the voice for the “shut up” line. I am aware of, “shut up”, but not sure i am aware of your reference to it.


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