Shattered Delusions and Stolen Dreams

Did I really think what I wrote to be original?  My grand illusions to be that brilliant?  I, the sole proprietor of genius?  (I just had to spellcheck genius.  I’d like to attribute it to a typo, but something is trying to prove a point)  I think the more clever I believe myself to be, the more moronic I become.

Case in point; Opposable.  Here is a story about a man who surgically implants opposable thumbs onto cats only to find this procedure unlocks the dormant parts of the cats’ brains.  The cats develop telepathic abilities, the power to control their own biochemistry, concoct body and mind control potions from within, and even open portals to other realms.  The realms are connected by the Collective; an entity that communicates through shared ideas.  The man’s idea for the surgical procedure awakens the Collective on Earth.

How stupid is that?  Okay, I’ll give myself a little credit for the way I’m presenting it.  The format is pretty Bad Ass.  But how stupid is it that I would think no one else has ever thought of anything like this?  Pretty f***ing stupid.  Shut up.  I’m working through some self loathing, but what I’m working towards will blow your skeptical mind.

So, I’m doing some research on how evolution of the opposable thumb shaped higher intelligence so I can create some authenticity with how the cats become sapient.  Then, there they were, dozens of search results for ‘cats with opposable thumbs’.  Most of them centered around a British advertising campaign for milk (Cravendale).  Here’s a link to their commercials.

That’s not funny…Okay, a little bit, but it horrified me on a creative level.  Sure, I’ve thought of the ‘Cats and Dogs’ movie, the ‘Warriors’ book series, and several examples of where felines have been anthropomorphized.  It began to take the wind out of my sails.  Then I saw something that should have deflated them entirely.  Instead…shock and wonderment.  Proof of the Collective.  Proof that my idea about an entity that thrived on the sharing of ideas and nothing is original, only borrowed from what already exists…is real.  A link.  Reality intruding on speculation.

Notice the date; February 18, 2016.  Every post, February 18, 2016.  What is the date of this post?  February 18, 2017.  This is not a coincidence, this is the Collective.

I will continue with my project, the Collective deems it so.  And you will help share it with the world, for I deem it so.  Go to:

Now leave me alone, I’m borrowing ideas for a book.


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