This is a writing blog.  This is also a format through which I hope to connect, not alienate.

Yesterday’s post was pretty dark, but I’m glad I wrote it.  I’m gonna keep it up (the post, not the attitude).  The attitude will be forever in flux (RJT).

SO!  Did I mention I found it, the thingy I was losing?  Did I further mention it’s way over there?  Good.  You’re paying attention.  The thingy is way over there.  It’s out of reach, but not out of the realm of hope.


I’ll have to work for it, the thingy way over there.  I’ll have to work just to get within reach of it.  But as long as I stay here, and it’s way over there, the thingy will always be out of reach.  Sooner or later, the thingy will drift out of the realm of hope.


SO!  I began work on my third novel.  I was very excited about a concept which could lead to some fantastic changes in all three of my works.  Then, life snapped my attention back to it.  It stole my spark, then my excitement, then my motivation.

Then I finally wrote that shite yesterday which, sad to say, was a step in the right direction for me.  Cat-harsis.  No, you stop.  Believe it or not, writing stupid shit is just as vital to the process as writing all the brilliant shit that I do do…  Are you done?

OKAY!  SO!  The title of the first chapter of my new novel is POINT A.  This is in reference to the location of the first scene as well as the main character’s current personal worldview.

POINT A.  Every moment of your life is point A.  Many people have probably said this in the past, and it’s coincidentally a variation of an ancient AA saying, but if I haven’t heard it, and I think if I think of it independently of any subconscious prior knowledge, that I can take full blame for the cheeeeeeeeeze-

Engaged in the future

Married to the past

Divorced from the present

Point A is the present.  The thingy way over there is Point B.  You have the power every day, every moment of your life, to bring Point A and Point B closer together.  Will you ever entangle them, join them in eternal harmony?  Dunno.  What will you have to sacrifice on your quest?  Dunno.  Will the thingy be everything you hoped for even if you do?  What are you asking me for?  I’m just re-re-re-re-figuring this out for myself.

The point is, Point A is just as important as Point B.  The meaning of life is to realize and embrace Point A and, AND, never lose sight, even if you can’t see it, of Point B.

Thank you for your ongoing support MMM and RJT.

Now don’t bother me, I’m engaging a thingy…I mean a book…hmmm…


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